it takes so much more than pointing the camera at a couple and putting all the clips together with some music to create an engaging wedding film (or any video in general). sadly, in most cases couples are simply interchangeable. that means you could swap in a different couple with the same venue, attire, and details and you’d end up with the same, predictable and rather boring wedding film. the people, and who they are uniquely, have done little (not to say nothing) to influence the content being created.

that kind of music video style videography is something we never followed! we are all about embracing people’s originality. every relationship is unique. every couple getting married is so different from the next one — it just doesn’t make sense to create a wedding film that is anything but a reflection of the couple’s personality.

in order to create engagement in our films we discover each couple’s quirks and characteristics. make it our mission to find out what that something old, something borrowed, something new, and something blue is for each one. in this sense filming their wedding starts months before hitting the record button.

the most important thing for us is to really get personal with you. what I mean is, between now and your wedding, we need to get to know each other. before planning anything, we talk to you and get a feel for who you are. this could be over the phone, skype, facebook video call or in person.

why? well, a lot of people will say that in order to feel natural in front of the camera. and yes, that is true. but, for us it’s deeper than. beyond making imagery where you guys just „look” natural. we listen and take all the big and little things we find out about you to tell your story in a way that we could for no other couple.

of course our pre-wedding conversation also covers more obvious topics like details about the wedding such as specific shots that you may want included, family politics we should be aware of, and those extra special attributes you don’t want missing from the film.

however, to us it’s a chance to fish out the smallest things that matter – it could be as small as the way you poke each other in the shoulder when one of you says something sarcastic, or the fact that you like walking barefoot. these things may seem insignificant to some, but they’re everything to us. but they’ll only come out, and we’ll only be able to notice them if we’re on a middle-name basis.  🙂

we use all these bits and use them to tell a meaningful story of your relationship. your wedding day is just a backdrop.



as a side note, everything you see is real. we don’t ask people to act, redo things, or slow down. It’s just that we try to be truly „present” and because we know you as well as we do, we can anticipate things and not have to direct anything. that way you can be 100% real and when you look at your film, you remember authentic moments and the genuine emotions you had.



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